Ammi Body Filler H

Ammi Body Filler H



Ammi Body Filler H

The all-new Ammi B Filler-H, from the creators of the famous Ammi Hydro, focuses on enhancing the body, especially in the breasts, buttocks, and hip dips! Using the most innovative technology to date, the two-step cross-linking method creates a finer hyaluronic acid that can be safely and painlessly administered to the skin.

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Three essential components of beautiful skin are collagen for firmness, elastin for elasticity, and hyaluronic acid(HA) for regeneration. Through the NMC technology, Ammi B Filler-H is produced with all the ingredients a beautiful skin must-have. It has a solid network molecular structure composed of ultra-fine particles that are viscous enough to penetrate the skin and give volume to the targeted area.

Ammi B Filler-H is developed by the creators of the powerful line of facial dermal fillers by the same name. After successful research and development, Beautiful Korea Co. Ltd produced a dermal filler for the body branded as the Ammi B Filler, which primarily focuses on the augmentation of the buttocks, breasts, and hips. The hard variation of the Ammi B Filler is manufactured with a higher viscosity and more volume than the soft type, thus resulting in a more robust shaping capacity after injection. It somehow prevents deformation and can be effective for a longer duration.

Ammi B Filler-H is patterned after the composition of the first line of dermal fillers the company has produced. It is designed by a differentiated Nano Mesh Cross-linking (NMC) technology. The hyaluronic acid is manifested in ultra-fine particles, allowing it to fill and penetrate the skin safely without causing much discomfort.

Ammi B Filler-H does not manifest many side effects compared to body fillers that contain residual BDDE. Hence, making the product an overall beneficial body filler.


It consists of a pure concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 20mg/ml

It is a premium monophasic body filler that has undergone NMC technology where hyaluronic acid is cross-linked twice through an ultra-mesh to produce an EP-grade version of HA.


  • Fast and easy procedure
  • Deliver long-lasting and effective results
  • Quick recovery period – you can resume daily activities right after the procedure
  • Low risk of scarring and minimal side effects
  • Less to no discomfort or pain because it is in the form of a semi-solid gel that can easily penetrate the skin.
  • Ultra-fine HA particles that enable easy modeling of the desired shape
  • Adds volume, contour, and symmetry to your target area
  • Immediate results producing a natural-looking profile


  • Buttocks
  • Hip dips
  • Breasts


The effect can last up to 9 to 12 months. However, it depends on how quickly the body metabolizes the HA body filler and how compliant the patients are in their aftercare.


Ammi B Filler-H is available in a box of 1 syringe x 10ml

Method of Administration: Subcutaneous or Intradermal injections

Recommended amount: Since the treatment area is quite large, it is advised that the maximum amount of gel in the chest area is 200mL (100mL per breast), and for the buttock zone, 400mL (200mL per butt cheek). The amount of gel to be injected will still be under the discretion of a professional healthcare provider.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage: Ammi B Filler-H must be stored at temperatures of 2-25°C. Keep it from direct sunlight.

Certifications: Ammi B Filler-H has passed the homogeneity test between the raw material and the product; thus, the Korean and US FDA approval was granted. All tests have been conducted under strict conditions. Ammi B Filler-H has also acquired CE and GMP certifications.

It is crucial to know that Ammi B Filler S is best handled by professionals and trained aestheticians to avoid untoward adverse reactions and deliver effective results.


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