Buy Fosyderm Derm Online (1×2 ml)

Buy Fosyderm Derm Online (1×2 ml)



Buy Fosyderm Derm Online  (1×2 ml)

Buy Fosyderm Deep Online. Fosyderm 2ml Deep Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injections For Shaping.Fosyderm Deep 1ml/2ml

Ingredent:Cross-Linked Hyaluronate Acid Gel
HA Concentratian:24mg/ml
Particle Size:0.28-0.5mm
Duration:8-12 months
Fill deeep wrinkles,like nasolabial folds,shape facial contour,chin and cheek augmentation,etc.
High-tech Products

By means of high technology and strict production process, product quality assurance, no rejection and allergic reaction.

Simple and safe, fast and effective: Buy Fosyderm Deep Online

Micro cosmetic surgery without surgery, just dermal hyaluronic acid injection, to avoid the risk of surgery, while micro cosmetic use of local injection hyaluronic acid method, so you can see the effect immediately.

Comfort without pain

Orginal BD glass syringe ,BD needles

Micro cosmetic hyaluronic acid injection method, like an injection, only a slight swelling of the local micro pain, no pain, customers are easy to accept. Buy Fosyderm Deep Online

Economic benefits

Fosyderm micro cosmetic’s costs between daily cosmetology and plastic surgery, the price is cheaper.

Packing and Delivery

1.One Prefilled Syringe with Two Sterile BD Needles

2.One syringe and two needles in a PVC Blister

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