FILLMED Nano Soft x 30 needles

FILLMED Nano Soft x 30 needles




FILLMED Nano Soft x 30 needles

NANOSOFT by FILLMED is a new CE-certified medical device.

Inspired by vaccine administration techniques, NANOSOFT is a real revolution in aesthetic medicine. It features a new type of needle that provides a one-stop solution for treating the face, neck and décolletage. The injections are very accurate and standardised, making the procedure easier with proven results.

For patients, it guarantees an effective, near-painless procedure.

Comprising of three 0.6-mm long microneedles, made from silicone crystal, it will not go blunt during the treatment. It’s ideal for targeting the dermis with NCTF® , as it will sit just above the epidermal junction, for optimise results.

NANOSOFT is around three times smaller than a typical injection needle.

Join one of our training sessions to explore Nano Soft treatment protocols and prescription home care between treatments.

NEW BeautifEYE, targeting dark circles, wrinkles and tired eyes, using Nano Soft & NCTF135ha

Bio Nutri Neck, targeting neck lines and wrinkles and creepy skin. Using Nano Soft, NCTF135ha and MHA10.


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