HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster Ampoule

HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster Ampoule


Cindella Luthione Vitamin C, Skin Whitening 10 Sessions Full Set Injection has a skin whitening formula. A high quality, high dose Glutathione.


HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster Ampoule

It helps improve the hair loss environment containing 37,200 ppm (4%) of exosome, which strengthens the scalp by nourishing the weakened scalp and helps hair loss symptoms.


5 ml * 5 vials

Microneedle 2 ea

Disinfection Container 1 ea

How to use:

1) After shampooing, dry the scalp lightly

2) Lift the cap in the direction of the arrow shown on the cap to remove it. Open sterilized microneedle and push it into the ampoule container to fit perfectly.

3) Remove the lid of the microneedle and tap the container with constant force on the desired area to absorb the contents into the scalp.

4) After application, gently tap the ampoule so that the remaining contents get absorbed.

Recommended period of use – 10 days.

Microneedle exchange cycle – after the 2nd-3rd ampoule.


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