Jalupro (2 amps + 2 vials)

Jalupro (2 amps + 2 vials)



Jalupro (2 amps + 2 vials)

Lack of proper hydration is the primary factor for the appearance of wrinkles and skin lines. The primary factor is aging, the secondary – photo aging, the result of sun exposure, UV light effect or various types of laser and light skin treatments. The latter also amplified the harmful effect of free radicals. The result – premature aging of the skin.
How does Jalupro mesotherapy work?

With the injection of Jalupro, the skin will receive a healthy dose of Sodium Hyaluronate, which will help it restore the natural hydration balance to appropriate levels, improving elasticity and smoothness for an extended period of time. This beneficial effect is combined with the inclusion of a selection of amino acids. Their combined effect not only provdes the skin with moisture but also boost the natural skin rejuvenating effect of fibroblasts immensely, thus stimulating them to produce much greater amounts of collagen. This not only benefits skin hydration but also helps by amplifying the skin self-healing properties, helping patients with damaged skin – a common occurrence for people with dry skin.

As a product for mesotherapy, Jalupro is ideal not only for the face, but the entire body. The meso solution can be successfully injected to rejuvenate the skin in the neck areas, but also the hands, knees, belly.
Safe solution

Since the mesotherapy product is primarily Sodium hyaluronate (the sodium salt of Hyaluronic acid) which is natural to the human body (but with non-animal origin in Jalupro) and amino acids, the products is completely bio-compatible and not prone to adverse side effects.


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