Neo Breast Filler Cannula

Neo Breast Filler Cannula


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Neo Breast Filler Cannula

Neo Breast Filler Cannula is a cannula for administration of breast fillers. The core benefit of these cannulas is the relatively wide inner diameter as well as smooth surface. These features allow diminishing risks of traumas and blood vessels blockage. Given type of cannulas is represented by wide spectrum of diameters for evaluation of the best solution for the injections. Because of these cannulas application, it is possible to reach uniform distribution of the products under the skin and consequent considerable and visible effect from the procedures.

Strengths of Neo Breast Filler Cannula:

  • cannulas surface is completely smooth that does not lead to traumas of tissues and blood vessels in the injection point
  • given series is represented by 14 and 17G cannulas with tree diameters each
  • cannulas are certified by CE / KFDA / GMP / ISO
  • application of such cannulas provides uniform distribution of products under the skin and allows to effectively flatter the skin surface

Neo Breast Filler Cannula is applied for breast fillers administration.

Neo Breast Filler Cannula

20 pieces in a pack


The product has contraindications and can only be used by a certified cosmetologist. We are not responsible for the negative consequences of self-use.

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17G 100mm, 17G 120mm, 17G 150mm, 14G 100mm, 14G 150mm, 14G 200mm


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