Newest Reborn PLLA Dermal Filler For Face Filler

Newest Reborn PLLA Dermal Filler For Face Filler





1 why is the effect not obvious after an injection of other brands?
Low-concentration products have less stimulating effect to people who have poor immune response, fibroblasts have poor response, and collagen production is insufficient. The PLLA content in Reborn PLLA Filler is 2-3 times as much as other products, the stimulation effect is stronger.


2 The injection site of some customers will cause nodule?
The diameter of PLLA particles in Reborn is only one fifth as much as other brand products, so PLLA particles in Reborn can disperse evenly and will not cause nodule.


3 The blood loss is high when injecting through sharp needle?
PLLA particles in Reborn are smaller(3-10μm),so more sharp needle(30G) can be used to reduce the blood loss.


4 why will some customers have swelling?
The mechanism of action of PLLA is to direct macrophage to  phagocytosis that shows inflammatory reaction, so swelling is a general reaction, swelling will disappear within 72 hours under normal conditions. Clinical observation, people with stronger swelling response have better injection effect than customers with less obvious swelling. If the customers are  uncomfortable, prescription painkillers and external treatment for eliminating the bruises can be used to relieve the discomfort.


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