OTESALY Fat Dissolving Solution(10ml * 5vials)

OTESALY Fat Dissolving Solution(10ml * 5vials)


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OTESALY  Fat Dissolving Solution(10ml * 5vials)

Otesaly Fat Dissolving solution is developed to combat cellulite and restore skin firmness, as well as for use on the face for aesthetic conditions such as double chin. Besides, clinial show that this product is beeter to treat for stretch mark.

The main ingredients are follow:
The rich L-carnitine in the formula is an essential ingredient in weight loss. It is a fat burner that can deeply dissolve inaccessible stubborn fat areas and burn fat quickly.

Asian Centella can stimulate collagen production to help wound healing and anti-cellulite.

Lastly, organic silica hydrates, renews and regenerates cells and improves the syrthesis of collagen.

Notice : The treatment of Otesaly Meso solution product is reserved for practitioners trained in the injection techniques of products intended for the treatment of mesotherapy.

Indications are typically administered over the course of 2-3 treatment sessions, 2-4 weeks apart, to restore your skin’s elasticity and smoothness in a gradual way.

Product Name OTESALY Price Fat Dissolving Solution(Fat Reduction)
Specifacation 10ml*5 vials
Main Ingredients
 L-carnitine, Asian Centella, Organic silica hydrates ….
Usage Area Adipose layer of double chin or body area(Arm/Stomach/Thigh)
Recommend Treatment Inject every week or Inject every two weeks

Spacing between each injection point: 1-2cm
Dosage for each injection point: 0.02-0.1ml
(If the adipose layer of the patient is thick, can inject 0.1-0.2ml in each point.)
According to our 16 years clients feedbacks, if you keep doing the treatment every week, you can see the brilliant results for sure and it can last longer than 1 year.

We have other customers also do the treatment every 2 weeks. The results is good too.

For how long you should do the treatment, depends on your needs. We recommend 1 box of 10 bottles for a full treatment.

Used by Equipment  Mesotherapy gun/syringe with 27G/30G/32G needle
Most of our professional customers use the product with syringe and mesotherapy gun in theirs clinics. Because they can set the injection depth and dosage for each injection point on the meso gun, this will be more accurate and the effect will be better
Skin type All skin types , dry, oily , especially for sensitive
Feature Tighten loose skin, fade stretch marks, reduce cellulite, fat reduce, body slimming, lose weight…
Shipping company  DHL, DHL e-COMMERCE , FedEx Air Freight , or Forwarder as you required
Delivery detail   Shipment will be arranged within 1-2 days after receiving full payment
What are the benefits of Fat Dissolving Injections?

There are numerous benefits of Fat dissolving injections. The benefits are similar whenever you use these treatments. Because injections consist of vitamins, enzymes, Phosphatidylcholine, Deoxycholate, and alpha lipid acid, it induces a chemical reaction that helps in fat burning. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Fat Dissolving Injections

It’s non-surgical
Burn fat quickly
Tighten loose skin
Only require a few injections: depending on the problem area and amount of flab, the number of injections differs from one person to another. A few can be used and will spread over the few weeks to come.
The fat is quickly eliminated from the body: it only takes 4-6 weeks for the fat to leave the body. So it takes 3-8 injections or so before you can see the results of the injections. As it gradually dissolves, the elimination process starts leaving your skin firmer and tighter.

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