Platinum Skin Perfusion Package

Platinum Skin Perfusion Package




4 x Spa Head band

4 x Skin Perf face towel

10 x Paper bags

4 x Pens

2 x Mirror

20 x patient Skin perfusion

10 x 2ml testers

Professional Products value £2,084.46

Pre-Peel 100ml    x2

Light-Peel 100ml x1

Bright-Peel 100ml x1

Post-Peel 100ml   x2

Cleansing Oil 500ml            x4

Micellar Water 500ml          x4

Exfoliating Cream 250ml    x4

5HP-Youth Cream 250ml   x4

6HP-Youth Cream 250ml   x4

HXR-Eye Cream 95ml        x4

B3-Recovery Cream 250ml x4

GR-Youth Mask 500ml       x4

Hyaluronic Youth Mask 15 x 8ml x4

Eye Recover Mask 15 x 5g x4

Skin Perfusion Retail Daily Treatments


Hydra-Booster 3 x 10ml (2 box)

Time-Booster 3 x 10ml (1 box)

Bright-Booster 3 x 10m (1 box)

Balance-Booster 3 x 10ml (1 box)

Glyco Peel Mask 50ml               x1

Hyaluronic Youth Mask 4 x 8ml x1

Eye Recover Mask 4 x 5g        x1


Cleansing Oil 200ml            x1

Micellar Water 200ml          x1

Exfoliating Cream 50ml       x1

Perfecting Solution 200ml  x1

HXR-Eye Cream 15ml        x1

5HP-Youth Cream 50ml      x1

6HP-Youth Cream 50ml     x1

B3-Recovery Cream 50ml x1

E-Youth 50 Sun Cream 50ml x1

Re-Time Serum 30ml          x1

AA-Lift Serum 30ml             x1

HAB5-Hydra Serum 30ml   x1

P-Bright Serum 30ml           x1

BD-Balance Serum 30ml    x1

C-Light Serum 30ml            x1



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