Reversal PLA Hybrid Filler

Reversal PLA Hybrid Filler




Reversal Filler

The Hybrid product of PLA (Poly D, L-lactide) microparticles, a biodegradable polymer and sodium hyaluronate.

The preparation consists of two main active ingredients:

Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

KFDA approves Manufacturing and Distribution

Long Lasting Effect
Reversal filler is different from other existing fillers which function is limited only to correct folds in certain areas.
Reversal is actively inducing stimulation of new collagen and tissues, through following functions:

•Correction and improvement of wrinkles, supporting lifting effect for a longer period of time.
•Volumization of the overall facial areas and maintaining a more natural volume effect on the treatment area.
•Reversal Filler has a more prolonged effect than any other fillers



•Reconstruction of dermis
•Support the skin in tone
•It is able to self-dissolve
•Produces new collagen fibers
•Stimulates collagen production
•Accurately fills the gaps in the dermis
•Restores normal nutrition and hydration of tissues
•It has a reinforcing effect due to the presence of polylactic and hyaluronic acids in the filler


• Restoration and giving the missing volume to tissues due to their lipodystrophy, congenital constitutional features or

• Correction of age-related tissue changes (hollow cheeks, temples, deep nasolacrimal furrow and sagging skin);
• Eliminate wrinkles and deep furrows (glabellar, frontal, periorbital, puppet, purse-string wrinkles, nasolabial and cheek
and chin folds);
• Sculpting facial contours, making the face oval definition
• Alignment of skin relief, correction of tissue defects, scars and pits
• Changing the shape and volume of the lips, giving them a clear contour
• Visual skin rejuvenation, elimination of its sagging, restore elasticity and smoothness.


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