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Singfiller hyaluronic acid injection sodium hyaluronate wrinkles

injectable dermal filler butt injections

Singfiller® dermal filler (cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel) is a sterile, transparent gel of stabilized hyaluronic acid of origin. It offers an excellent solution for facial-tissue augmentation and is designed to match different level to the tissue structures and to meet a wide range of your beauty needs.


You can get all these advantages from Singfiller products.

  • No animal ingredients, no skin test needed;
  • High security and will not have allergic reactions;
  • Biodegradable, non-permanent, but long-lasting;
  • Does not produce a rigid facial expression;
  • Course of fast and safe, do not leave scars;
  • Simple procedure is taken around 30 minutes. Safety and Instant result, in 30 minutes you will smile.

Five Recommended Injection Techniques

injectable dermal filler butt injectionsinjectable dermal filler butt injectionsinjectable dermal filler butt injectionsinjectable dermal filler butt injectionsinjectable dermal filler butt injections

Medicinal mechanism

singfiller  cross-liked  hyaluronic acid is water loving as it gradually degrades ,each molecule binds to more water and over time. This character helps to a long-lasting results.


Type Fine Derm Derm Deep Derm Deeper Sub-Q
Composition 20mg/ml hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml hyaluronic acid  20mg/ml hyaluronic acid  20mg/ml hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml hyaluronic acid
 Particle size  0.10-0.15 0.15-0.28 0.28-0.5 0.5-1.25 1.25-2.0
 Recommended indications  thin superficial lines. moderate wrinkle.  Deep facial wrinkles and folds. Large deep wrinkles and folds.  the local depression, soft tissue filler, also can be used in rhinoplasty
 Where to inject upper part of dermis middle part of dermis  deep layer of dermis deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallow deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallow
 Volume of Syringe 1ml/2ml 1ml/2ml 1ml/2ml 2ml or vial 2ml or vial
 Storage up to 30°c (86F) up to 30°c (86F)  up to 30°c (86F)  up to 30°c (86F)  up to 30°c (86F)
 Sterile sterile sterile sterile sterile sterile
 Use single single single single single
 Duration 6-9 months 6-9 months 6-9 months 6-12 months 6-12 months


injectable dermal filler butt injections

Company Introduction

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd., established in March 2003 with registered capital of 80,000,000 RMB, is a national high and new technology enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of medical biomaterials. With well-qualified staff, thorough quality management system and first-class facilities, the company ensures the continuous production of medical devices and drug injection products of Class III that confirm to the laws and regulations of the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and EU MDD.

The company’s plant in Xiasha covers an area of 13,000 m² with the construction area of 17,000 m² and producing tract of 13,200 m² including cleanrooms of 2,300 m² in which cleanroom of Class C covers 2,000 m² and that of Class B covers 300 m² with over 60 m² of which follows into Class A. A new cleanroom up to GMP standard was set up in this plant, and the Pharmaceutical Production License was obtained in 2012. it will produce all kinds of medical equipment and medical 10 million sets, production value 2 billion, In addition, the plant has introduced more production facilities such as the Invoa filling machine from Germany, the sterilizer from GETINGE, the semiautomatic filling and sealing equipment from Pluemat, 5T / h purified water machine, 3T / h water for injection machine, and1T / h of pure steam generator.


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